The look of the carpeting in your commercial building affects the appearance of your office space generally. Well-maintained carpeting is professional and reassuring, while dirty or worn-down carpeting can be disheartening to workers and clients. Keeping your office carpeting in good condition can help contribute to your brand and may even be good for office morale. These tips will help you maintain your office carpet. 

Choose the Right Carpet

Neutral colors like gray, brown, and beige are all good for office spaces because they often match office furniture, help tie the space together, and can hide dirt and stains. Closed loop, low-pile Berber carpeting is among the most durable office carpet. When looking for office carpeting, choose a type that is specifically designed for offices and commercial spaces. 

Use Plastic Floor Mats in Cubicles

Plastic floor mats help protect your carpet from chair wheels, high heels, and the everyday wear and tear that occurs when someone works full time in a cubicle. Some business owners object to plastic floor mats because they're not as attractive as bare carpet, but clear mats can help with this. Clear mats protect carpeting while maintaining a low profile that leaves the carpet visible to everyone. 

Stain Guard High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas like hallways, entrances, and lobby areas are all at high risk for developing stains over a long period of time. Stain guarding these areas can help protect your carpets from dirt, as well as spills. Work with a reputable cleaning service to have these treatments applied to your carpets before using them extensively.

Stain guards are always best applied before the carpet gets a lot of wear and tear. These chemical treatments need to be reapplied periodically, so find out from your cleaning company when repeat treatments should take place. 

Use Rugs and Runners

Rugs and runners are useful for protecting your carpet at times of year when rain, dirt, and mud are common outdoor problems. Lay down rugs and runners in front of elevators and entrances, and replace rugs as needed before they become worn. In high-traffic areas, use high-quality, industrial-grade rugs to ensure longevity.

If you don't want to be responsible for maintaining your own rugs, sign up for a service that maintains and cleans your office rugs.

Know Where to Install Tile

Carpeting in high-moisture areas like the bathroom or kitchen can lead to sanitation problems. If you have carpeting in kitchens and bathrooms, replace them with tile. This switch will ensure that your office spaces are easy to clean and to keep clean.

Develop a Culture of Office Cleanliness

The behavior of your staff will have a big impact on the way your office space is maintained. Remind workers to point out carpet stains to management, so your managers can have their cleaning team to address these problems after hours. If food stains are a common problem in office cubicles, make office policies that can control this problem. 

Finally, keep carpet wipes on hand so office workers can clean up fresh spills before they dry. Let all the workers in your office know where the carpet wipes are located. 

Work With a Reputable Cleaning Company

Sign up for service with a reputable cleaning company to ensure that your office carpeting is well maintained. Having your office carpeting cleaned on a quarterly or semiannual basis helps keep your carpeting clean and looking its best.

To find out more about how you can keep your office carpet clean and professional-looking, contact Northwest Commercial Carpet  && ; Floor Cleaning, Inc. We're happy to answer your questions and help you maintain your office carpet.