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Carpet Cleaning Beaverton

Professionally Cleaned Carpets

Carpet Cleaning BeavertonWhen people enter a building, they form an impression of it almost instantly. From the smell, the lighting, the floors, and the layout. Everything is taken into account when a customer enters a building. And the goal for business owners is for that first impression to be pleasant and inviting. Having clean floors and carpets is one of the essential steps to creating a welcoming environment. Dirty and stained carpets are visually offputting. And because carpet fibers can harbor bacteria, pollen, and chemicals, a dirty carpet can create a musty smell and pollute your air quality.

Regular carpet cleaning helps your business look better, and Northwest Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning is here to provide that service! Our team utilizes high-quality machines and products to remove all the impurities from your carpet and have it completely dry within a few hours. We pride ourselves on providing work that makes our customers exceedingly happy. We do this by performing next-day checkups on all of our services to ensure everything is to our client’s standards.

Our team is versatile in the methods we use to clean all types of carpeting. Different factors will determine which methods and products we will use for your building. Working with Northwest Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning means you will receive thorough and professional cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Factors

When you work with our team, we don’t just jump right in and start cleaning. Determining the qualities of your carpeting will help us to determine the appropriate cleaning method and products. Things like the material of the carpet, how dense it is, and the texture of the carpet will have an impact on the cleaning process. Other factors like the amount of foot traffic and the climate in the area will help determine how often you should have the carpet cleaned. All of this information will help our team decide the best course of action. Although there is some leeway when it comes to cleaning solutions. At Northwest Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning, we offer green cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly and can be impressive to clients.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner BeavertonThere are multiple methods for cleaning carpets, and some work better than others. But our team only uses techniques that are safe, effective, and cost-efficient. Some of the carpet cleaning methods we use are low-moisture cleaning, portable extraction, and truck-mounted extraction in addition to our standard carpet cleaning.

Truck-mounted extraction is the most effective carpet cleaning method in the industry right now and is an excellent option for large carpeted areas. This method uses the service truck to heat the water, which is then run through hoses to the machine. A mixture of water and cleaning solution is then sprayed onto the carpet, thoroughly soaking the carpet. The cleaning solution is then able to get to the base of the fibers loosening all the dirt and debris. And lastly, our powerful machines use strong suction to pull all the water, dirt, and debris out of the carpet without leaving it soaking wet.

Portable extraction is a smaller version of the truck-mounted, which helps clean floors above ground level or harder to reach areas. It is also great for spot treatments. With this method, our machines can be maneuvered and moved throughout a building allowing our team to clean anywhere. Portable extraction is still an effective cleaning method and is extremely valuable for high-rise buildings.

Low-moisture cleaning is beneficial in between in-depth cleaning sessions. This method utilizes a liquid solution that we apply to the top of the carpet, which then attracts dirt and debris like a magnet. This solution has a swift dry time and quickly turns into hard crystals, which we can then vacuum up. Low-moisture cleaning helps maintain clean carpets until your next appointment but should not be a primary source of carpet cleaning.

Local Carpet Cleaning Company

Our team at Northwest Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning provides the highest quality carpet and floor cleaning to business in Beaverton and the surrounding areas. Our team works hard to keep your building looking clean and professional. With quick dry times, practical methods, and excellent customer service, we’re confident that you will be more than satisfied with our work. Call us today for a free quote and learn more about the services we provide!

When you need floor, upholstery, or carpet cleaning near me give us a call! We provide our services to businesses in Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and anywhere in between!