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Commercial Floor Cleaning Vancouver WA

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning Vancouver WAAt Northwest Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning, Inc., we understand the importance of regularly scheduled carpet cleaning but also professional cleaning for your hard surface floors. For buildings like banks, dental facilities, hospitals, and other offices, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of your floors. Our team provides professional cleaning services to Vancouver, WA business owners.

Maintaining your floors helps to keep your reputation as a company. Dirty floors don’t give customers an excellent impression. And having dirty floors can be a liability issue. When dirt and grime build up on hard surfaces, it can make them much more prone to slipping. A clean and well-maintained floor is much more slip-resistant. Keep your office neat and safe by having our team clean your floors regularly.

Floor Surfaces

No matter what type of floor surface you have, our team is capable of keeping it sparkling clean. Scrubbing, washing, buffing, and shining are all floor cleaning services we provide the maintaining the appearance of your floors.

  • Vinyl
  • Ceramic
  • Stone

  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Terrazzo

Floor Cleaning Methods

The method of floor cleaning varies from each material. Different cleaning products and equipment are required depending on the type of floor. But the basic process is the same for all of them. Sweeping or using a dust mop to remove all the loose debris is the first step. Then the appropriate cleaning detergent or degreaser for that type of flooring is applied. A cleaning machine is used to thoroughly clean the floors using a specific cleaning pad depending on the flooring type. Some floors need a gentle cleaning pad while others need something a little more abrasive. After the majority of the floor has is cleaned, our team will inspect it to ensure we got every corner and edge. After breaking up all of the dirt and grime, we will rinse the floor with clean water and dry it. For certain types of flooring, a new finish needs to be applied during every cleaning service. And finally, your floors will be shining like new.

Important Aspects Of Clean Floors

Office Floor Cleaning In Vancouver WALiving in the Pacific Northwest, we understand that the winter can have negative results on business floors, bringing in water, mud, snow, and de-icing salt. All of these can have a terrible impact on your floor. Rain, dirt, and snow all make hard surface floors incredibly slippery. And de-icing salt can eat away at the shiny finish on your tile. And the fact is that most customers make their first impression of a company at their entrance. So if your entryway is dirty, most customers might not even go in.

Placing weather mats in strategic spots can help reduce the amount of debris dragged in. But the best way to keep clean floors throughout the rainy season is to increase your regular cleaning services. At Northwest Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning, Inc. we know how to properly clean and maintain floors to keep them looking immaculate all year long.

Local Commercial Floor Cleaning

If you are still using the mop and bucket cleaning method for your business, stop now! Not only is the technique extremely ineffective, but it is also very unsanitary. Even with a cleaning detergent and other chemicals, a mop and bucket just spread dirt and bacteria around without completely removing it from the floor. This partnered with tile and grout can cause some seriously unpleasant odors. To have peace of mind that your floors will always be cleaned and well-maintained call Northwest Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning, Inc. today. Vancouver, WA business owners that know the value of clean floors trust us for all of their carpet, floor, and upholstery cleaning needs.