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How to Keep Your Concrete Floors in Great Shape

Concrete floors are a smart and popular choice for all types of commercial buildings, from medical offices to banks. These floors are incredibly tough and able to withstand the weight of forklifts and other equipment. Concrete floors are unlikely to have damage from desk and table legs, and the floors are easier to keep clean than carpets. However, concrete floors are not entirely maintenance-free.

If you would like yours to remain attractive for decades, follow these tips.

Use Floor Mats for Protection

Although the concrete itself takes a long time to develop wear, constant foot traffic can wear away the finish. Areas where the finish has worn away are more likely to stain and discolor. Since customers or employees will keep walking over the same, worn areas, dirt and salt from their shoes could grind into the concrete before you have a chance to refinish the worn areas.

Luckily, an easy way exists to prevent this problem. Place area rugs with rubber backs in high-traffic areas such as just inside the entryway or within central walkways. The rugs will protect the concrete’s finish from wear, and they’re also easily removable for cleaning.

Hire a Cleaning Company That Uses Automatic Scrubbers

While you can clean concrete floors with a classic mop and bucket, this process is time-consuming and may leave some dirt behind. Consider hiring a company that uses automatic scrubbing machines instead. These machines have a few advantages:

  • They squeegee up additional water so the floor dries faster, which is better for the concrete.
  • They deliver a specified amount of cleaning solution for an even, effective clean.
  • They save time so your cleaners have more time remaining to focus on other tasks.

Keep a mop and bucket on hand for emergency spill cleanups, but rely on a scrubber machine for routine cleaning.

Use pH Neutral Cleaners

Whether you clean the floors yourself or hire a commercial cleaning company, pay close attention to the cleaning solution. Extremely alkaline cleaners like bleach and ammonia may damage the concrete floor’s finish. On the other end of the spectrum, vinegar is too acidic.

Neutral pH cleaners made specifically for concrete floors are your best choice. Many green, neutral pH cleaners are available that also reduce environmental damage and protect your air quality.

Keep Up With Polishing

The finish on your concrete floor keeps debris from grinding into the underlying concrete, but only if the finish is intact. Most floors need repolishing every two years, although you may need to polish more or less often depending on the traffic your floor receives.

To polish a concrete floor, experts use a high-powered machine to grind down the surface of the floor with diamond abrasives. At the same time, a resin matrix, known as a densifier, goes into the surface of the floor. The result is a smooth, glossy finish, which not only looks nice but also prevents the concrete from absorbing liquids and makes cleaning easier.

Clean Up Spills Quickly

Even polished concrete is somewhat porous, so you must clean up spills quickly if you do not want them to stain. Keep a mop and pH neutral cleaner on hand at all times, and make sure staff know to handle spills promptly.

If you spill anything oily on the concrete, soak up as much as you can, and then spread some cat litter over the stained area. Let the litter sit overnight before sweeping it up; the litter will draw the oily residue out of the concrete.

If you take care of your concrete, it will take care of you. Do you want a commercial cleaning company to maintain the floors in your Oregon or Southern Washington space? Contact Northwest Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning, Inc. We provide service for not only concrete floors, but also vinyl, ceramic, stone, marble, and terrazzo.

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How to Keep Your Concrete Floors in Great Shape

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