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Keep Your Office Clean and Fresh With Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping an office space clean and smelling fresh can seem like an impossible task. Even if you have a full-time janitorial staff or a contract with an external cleaning company, certain surfaces and materials in your office space will require special attention.

Fabric-covered surfaces, from upholstered furniture to eye-catching fabric wall surfaces, are especially tricky to keep clean in a busy office. You can’t simply spray fabric cubicle panels or desk chairs with a sanitizing spray and wipe them down. These five office upholstery cleaning tips will keep your workspace looking like new for as long as possible.

1. Freshen Up Employee Seating

Even when your company routinely replaces desk chairs and other upholstered furniture supplied to employees, there’s a serious need for cleaning due to the daily use of the furnishings. Just a few weeks of 8-hour shifts can leave a cloth chair looking worn and stained, while offices which operate 24 hours a day increase wear on your seating even further.

2. Keep Waiting Rooms Looking New

Your building’s lobby or waiting room makes a big impression on clients and guests alike. If your couches and chairs look less than pristine, you’ll lose your chance to make the best first impression possible each time you have a new visitor to the office.

Waiting rooms in some buildings also see heavy traffic levels, so scheduling a routine deep cleaning makes the most sense for these businesses. If you only rarely have guests waiting for a meeting in your lobby, you can most likely get away with only calling for upholstery cleaning when you start to notice a problem.

3. Tackle Stubborn Marks on Fabric Walls

Fabric-covered wall panels are a common fixture in modern offices because they add texture and visual interest to an otherwise utilitarian space. While these upholstered surfaces are often more durable than you may first expect, they still gather dust and can accumulate dark and noticeable dirt marks.

If your office has one or more of these upholstered panels as part of its interior design, schedule routine deep cleanings with steam and the right detergents. Having stains, accumulated dust, and marks removed every few weeks or months will prevent a fabric wall from making the office space look old or dingy.

4. Maintain Those Acoustic Cubicle Panels

Acoustic panels are commonly used for enclosing cubicles because the soft and padded surface reduces the transmission of distracting noise throughout the workplace. Yet cubicle panels are also likely to accumulate dust, dirt, and even skin cells from the employees using them daily.

Professional upholstery cleaning is the only way to properly maintain these panels and cubicle dividers without damage. You can dab up splashes or spills and treat small areas with fabric cleaner, but only deep cleaning will remove dust and debris from the entire surface.

5. Schedule Routine Upholstery Cleaning

Unlike hard surfaces, fabric materials are often good at disguising dirt and stains. Because of this, you might be tempted to clean only after an upholstered surface has become so soiled that it’s finally noticeable. Instead of waiting until discoloration or marks are visible, try a proactive approach by scheduling upholstery cleaning on a regular schedule.

Choose a company that can clean all types of upholstery at once to make the most of your routine visits. Any cleaning service capable of cleaning desk chairs and couches should be able to treat fabric-covered walls and cubicle panels as well.

Here at Northwest Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning, Inc., we offer upholstery cleaning services as well as floor-cleaning services. Schedule a complete deep cleaning service with us as soon as possible to give your office a neater and fresher appearance.

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Keep Your Office Clean and Fresh With Upholstery Cleaning

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