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The Value of Professional Floor Cleaning at Assisted Living Facilities

The cleanliness of any commercial building affects how people view the business. Assisted living communities should be a tidy environment. The buildings are not just a business, but a home for the residents, and everyone is happier in an attractive, safe, and clean home.

Impress the Guests

The residents, any potential residents, and the family members all want to feel comfortable in a retirement facility. Cleanliness can help people to feel more at ease and willing to stay a little longer. The residents will appreciate the care they receive more when a home looks and smells clean than they would if the floors are dirty, stained, and a musty smell lingers in the air.

Professionally maintained floors have the same impressive look they had immediately after installation. Hard surfaces keep their glow and carpeted areas remain stain-free and without any unpleasant odors.

Residents at Risk

Researchers revealed nearly two decades ago that the average carpeted floor had about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Viruses and bacteria and mold and mildew can linger in carpet fibers and any contact with the flooring can cause them to spread and cause illness. Carpet is not the only problem because solid materials like tile or hardwood can also contain bacteria.

Many residents of assisted living facilities have weakened immune systems or are elderly and susceptible to contagions or infections. The facility must meet the increased sanitation needs of these residents through regular cleaning schedules.

Another concern with dirty flooring is the risk of allergens. Pollen and dust can cause respiratory distress. Many facilities now allow pets, and their presence increases the allergy risk due to dander that can accumulate in carpets. The allergens and other germs can become airborne as people shuffle across floors, push walkers or ride in wheelchairs.

The contact with the bacteria and viruses on the floor can also occur when people drop items and pick them back up. The germs can transfer from shoes or slippers to the hands as people remove their footwear at the end of the day. It is unlikely everyone will sanitize or wash their hands after they take off their shoes or pick something up off the floor, so illness spreads easily.

Keep Employees Happy

The cleanliness of a workplace also affects employee health. Assisted living facilities have a variety of employees like kitchen staff, medical professionals and office workers. Each person plays a vital role in the company and their absence due to sickness can affect the quality of life for the residents and the financial health of the organization.

Aside from illness, the appearance of the building can determine how long people choose to stay with a company and how satisfied they are with their job. Happy employees can improve business reputations and may even offer a better quality of service to their clients.

Save Some Money

The material on dirty floors wears out faster than on clean floors. Dirt and debris in the carpet can damage the fibers in the material and wear it down. The remnants of spills can cause carpet fibers to become matted and collect more dirt so the stain grows more noticeable.

Dirt and grime on tile and hardwood can settle into the gaps in the floors and create cracks. Dirt that gets pushed under tiles may lead to loosened or broken tiles. Consistent attention to clean floors will lengthen the life of the flooring, and save the company money on replacement and repairs.

As a business owner, you want people to appreciate the time and effort you put into operating your company. How your business looks will affect your reputation. At Northwest Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning, Inc., we want to help you to maintain your floors properly. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer.

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The Value of Professional Floor Cleaning at Assisted Living Facilities

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