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How Long Does It Take For The Carpet To Dry After Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is one of those services that are best left for a professional carpet cleaner! It requires great care and experience to wash the delicate carpet fibers without damaging them. If you are thinking of hiring carpet cleaning services, one of the questions you might be asking is how long it will take for the carpet to dry. Well, this blog post will give you a clear idea!

What does carpet cleaning involve?

The carpet cleaning process involves many steps, and not all the technicians will follow the same method. Some might use pure water, and others may mix it with a detergent solution, particularly if there are tough stains on the carpet. After applying soapy water, they will vacuum clean first to remove as much dirt as possible from the surface before steam cleaning or dry cleaning. With the help of high-pressure jets, they then apply steam onto your carpet and allow it to seep deep down. This helps in loosening up all dirt particles trapped inside the fibers of your carpet. The technicians will then use special tools to remove dirt that is particularly difficult to clean or needs deeper treatment.

How long before your carpet dries?

After cleaning, carpets will typically remain damp to the touch, and you’ll have to wait for the fibers to dry before you can walk on them. Depending on how dirty or wet your carpet was and what method was applied by technicians during cleaning, you might need to wait for a few hours before they are completely dry! Normally, most carpets need between six and ten hours to dry off completely. However, the actual time will depend on:

The temperature of the room

The temperature inside your room is one of the most important factors influencing how long it will take for your wet carpet to dry after cleaning. A temperature of between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius is ideal for carpets to dry.

The humidity level in the area

High humidity levels can also slow down the drying process, and you might need to wait longer. Your carpet will dry much faster when the humidity level is low because the moisture in the carpet fibers evaporates faster when the air is dry, shortening the carpet drying period.

Carpet material

Carpets made from natural fibers like wool and silk take longer to dry than synthetics like nylon or polyester. You will need to wait for at least 24 hours before you can walk on them after professional cleaning. Also, the thicker your carpet is, the more time it takes to dry completely.

How can you make your carpet dry faster after cleaning?

The most important thing you can do to help your carpet dry faster is to keep the room temperature at a steady level. Other things you can do include:

Open windows

Opening windows allows fresh air to flow in and out of the room and increases airflow. This will also help reduce humidity levels inside your house, speeding up the process of drying your carpet after cleaning.

Use fans

If you don’t have access to an opening window or live somewhere where the temperature level is too low, turning on the ceiling fan or standing floor fan is a great way to increase airflow. The constant movement of air across carpet fibers will help dry up the moisture trapped inside faster!

Use a dehumidifier

If there is high humidity in the air, it might not be easy for carpets to dry up quickly. Using a dehumidifier can help suck out water from your damp carpet and speed up the drying process!

Turn on the air conditioning

If the temperature inside your room is too low, you can turn on the air conditioning unit and set it to replace the cold air. Make sure technicians use dryers while cleaning carpets if they are available. This will help speed up the drying process by blowing hot air onto damp carpet fibers to evaporate moisture from them quickly!
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Clean your carpet more often

The dirtier your carpet, the deeper the wash, and the longer it takes to dry up. Make sure you hire a go-to professional carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets at least once every six months or so! This will help remove all kinds of dirt, grime, and stains from the fibers, making them more absorbent and allowing them to dry off moisture quickly after being cleaned.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Generally, carpets made from natural fibers like wool and silk cost more to clean compared to synthetics. The price also varies based on the size of the carpet cleaned! Larger rooms take more time, and the price increases accordingly.

Ready to schedule a cleaning service?

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How Long Does It Take For The Carpet To Dry After Cleaning?

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