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What To Expect When Hiring Floor Cleaning Services

Professional floor cleaners ensure your floors are spotless by the time they are done. But for this to happen, they have to access all high-traffic areas and all corners of the space. So, what happens when you have furniture covering these areas? Will they move the furniture for you? This is a genuine concern for most homeowners thinking of hiring floor cleaning services. Read on to find out more.

What should I expect during professional carpet cleaning?

You can expect your carpet cleaner to do the following during the cleaning session:
– Inspect the area before starting. This helps to provide a rough idea of what type of smudge or rust stains they are dealing with and how deeply it has penetrated the fabric. Also, this helps them decide which machine should be used for the job.
– Use a pre-treatment solution to dissolve and loosen the dirt. This is provided free of charge! Depending on the soil type, they will either use a dry cleaning or wet steam cleaning technique. In the case of very deep soils or delicate fabrics, carpet cleaning professionals have access to specialist tools such as bonnet/rug cleaning machines to maintain your carpets’ quality.
– They will use an appropriate post-treatment solution for the wet carpet fabric and soil they are dealing with. This is also usually included without any additional cost.

Will they move furniture?

In most cases, carpet cleaning service providers are trained to ensure your furniture is correctly placed before cleaning. This will involve getting all your furniture out of the way, which they do carefully to prevent damage to your prized possessions. Some companies invest in special training for their employees in moving furniture inside a house. While some cleaners will move the heavy furniture for free, others will charge you extra for this. This will also cover returning the furniture to its original position after the cleaning. It’s important to ask your service provider about what they offer and what they expect from you, the homeowner.

Why do some cleaners charge to move furniture?

Not all companies provide this service, so not all cleaners will want to do it for free. If they are willing to do it, they may expect you to tip them. Those who charge argue that moving furniture is a labor-intensive activity, and it prolongs the time taken to complete the job, which means they have less time to do their other tasks. In addition, not all cleaners are trained for this job and furniture could get damaged if they aren’t careful.

What items may carpet cleaners not move?

Some items inside your home may be too delicate for even seasoned carpet cleaners to risk moving. These are usually high-value possessions and are generally fragile. For instance, china cabinets and fine china can be pretty tricky to handle. The same is true for rare art pieces.

How can I prepare for floor cleaning?

There are a few things you can do to ensure the floor cleaning proceeds smoothly without unnecessary delays. Before the cleaners arrive, do the following:

Clear the room

If your space is too cluttered, the professional cleaner may take longer moving furniture. So, clear up any items that are not in use and put them away in a safe place. Also, ensure you have removed any breakables from the room before they begin cleaning.

Secure small objects

Don’t leave any small items vulnerable to being knocked over. This includes picture frames, decorations, vases, and lamps. It does not matter how careful the cleaner is; they may still breach your belongings if they are not secure.

Notify them of any pets in the room

If you have dogs or cats in the room, tell the carpet cleaning service beforehand. Pets can get in the way of the cleaning team, and they may not be able to adjust their schedule to accommodate your pet’s needs.

Review your quote

You must check that you have received a full quotation for the job. This will include any extra work required, such as moving furniture, removing smoke smells, and deodorizing.

Prepare the parking space

-Carpet cleaners will usually come with a vehicle fitted with the necessary floor cleaning equipment. Make sure you have enough space to park the cleaner’s van. If you don’t have enough room to accommodate them, it’ll make the process a lot more complicated.
-Provide access to water and electricity. Be prepared to provide them with access to both water and electricity so they can use their tools. If you cannot do this, inform the carpet cleaner beforehand.
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How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Typically, carpet cleaning services will charge depending on the size of your area and type of carpet.

What is included in a full-service cleaning?

A complete home or business cleaning includes several services at once. Contents such as upholstery, rugs, carpets can be cleaned along with the windows and the air vents. This is done to ensure a thorough clean has been achieved throughout your home or business.

Can cleaners move furniture too?

This depends on the size of your area and how many items there are in total. The cleaner’s quote should include this information if you have already specified it; otherwise, they may not be able to move all of your items.

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What To Expect When Hiring Floor Cleaning Services

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